Talking Scores Beta

A Talking Score is a spoken representation of stave notation; often with recordings of the music being described. They are designed to assist print impaired musicians to use sheet music.

Producing a talking score manually can be time consuming, is often not a straightforward process and may require aspects tailored to individual musicians. This website aims to automatically produce a talking score from a MusicXML file.

This is an open source project - currently undertaken by a very small team; working in our spare time. It is a work in progress and has many known issues - and probably many unknown issues too! Please see the Change Log for latest updates or contact us with questions / feature requests etc.

Upload or provide a URL to a MusicXML file.


Example scores

These example scores have been produced by this website and should give a good idea of what a Talking Score is. They might not have been produced by the latest version of the code.